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STORY: Blogshop London

DATE: 16th March 

LOCATION: Curtain Road Studios

JOTTINGS: these are sneaky instagram grabs from the bloggers partaking in the workshops - Are dusty grey terracotta pots with shades of lemon poppies and scabious pods . 

STORY: Stamp Magazine interviews us 

DATE: August 2012 

LOCATION : Our studio .

JOTTINGS: see for yourself - if you click the link you can read this article with us where i sound like a bit of a knob - i was tired , sleep deprived doing 3 weddings at once . 



STORY:An apple a day keeps the doctor away 

DATE: September2012

LOCATION:Finsbury Park

JOTTINGS: A little while well quite a while ago - the best friend - and i decided we were going to do a flower styling session - with little more than £80 to flex our creativity on . The best friend and i came up with these.Originally we wanted to release them as a corporate press release but I have never had time to do so and now i feel our style is starting to change . So for blogging purposes here they are. 


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STORY:London Wedding - Anita and Toby 

DATE:June 2012 

LOCATION:The Portal Restaurant - Farringdon 

JOTTINGS:Theme black and white , white sweet peas , white peonies. Clear vintage bottles. Love working at this venue .Best cake i have ever seen .